Worried Puppy, and a sore back

Well it was howling a gale up here last night, the whole house was shaking and the wind was making a real loud howl around the house, although the wind warning was only for 140k gusts. The roof stayed on though; one of the side corner metal brackets protecting the house woodwork came off I noticed when I got home from work today, but that slotted back into place easily.

My poor doggie though, he hated the wind howling around the house. He curled up on top of the blankets to sleep against my tummy all night, he hasn’t done that since he was a puppy (he’s a Papillon so smaller than the cat so thats fine). Allowed on the bed you ask, of course he is; he’s too small to jump onto the bed himself so I bought him one of those footstools people put their feet on and it stays next to the bed; he can get onto the bed by using that as a stepping stool and he loved it.

Why mention the cat you ask ?, well the cat didn’t like the gale much either, he demanded to curl up under the blankets against my back as the doggie had the front.

The end result was that I really don’t know what shape I ended up sleeping in as the cat kept re-adjusting and poking me until I moved, at least the doggie was still once asleep. But gosh my back hurt when I got up this morning.

And tonight is fireworks night, so I have to keep them both (plus the stray cat we have adopted) safely inside so I guess my poor back will suffer again. Although at least the stray (well we started feeding hime about 6 years ago so I guess he’s not really a stray, but he’s the streets cat and everyone lets him wander through their houses and he sleeps where he wants so he’s not mine either; but he’s here tonight, although the dog is annoying him at the moment so I don’t know if he’ll stay the night).

Still at least I got volunteered for a 7am change tomorrow (so I need to be at work by 6ish, sigh) so I’ll have time to get my back into shape before I get home around 7pm; a busy day tomorrow again.

Which is why you get this boring post today instead of anything new I have broken in any of the OS’s I play with, I haven’t had time to play with any of them this week, and won’t for the next 2-3 weeks, so if you want any interesting posts to read probably not much point in checking back before then.

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At work, been working on Tandems for around 30yrs (programming + sysadmin), plus AIX and Solaris sysadmin also thrown in during the last 20yrs; also about 5yrs on MVS (mainly operations and automation but also smp/e work). At home I have been using linux for decades. Programming background is commercially in TAL/COBOL/SCOBOL/C(Tandem); 370 assembler(MVS); C, perl and shell scripting in *nix; and Microsoft Macro Assembler(windows).
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