Cats and Summer

Bother, it has started.
Birds are all over the place again, field mice are all over the place again, lots of slamander things are all over the place again.
My bloddy cat has started bringing them all home again, and letting them lose.

Known so far, one mouse and one salamander, somewhere lose in the house when he let them get away. And if he can’t catch them again I don’t have much chance until they expire, assuming I find them soon after they expire and don’t have to track them down by smell.

Remind me again why I have a cat; oh yeah thats right, so he can gently poke-poke-poke with his claws at night until I move over and let him sleep exactly where in the middle of the bed he wants to. You know, if cats were able to be voted into government we would all be in trouble.

Still I love him, so he’s not been thrown outside yet (which could be self-interest on my part, he might bring home more of the bloddy things).

I remember when he was a little kitty, he used to drop dead things on the steps for us. Wonder at what age cats decide that live things in the house would make them more popular ?, and people say women are hard to understand !.

About mark

At work, been working on Tandems for around 30yrs (programming + sysadmin), plus AIX and Solaris sysadmin also thrown in during the last 20yrs; also about 5yrs on MVS (mainly operations and automation but also smp/e work). At home I have been using linux for decades. Programming background is commercially in TAL/COBOL/SCOBOL/C(Tandem); 370 assembler(MVS); C, perl and shell scripting in *nix; and Microsoft Macro Assembler(windows).
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