To the Vet again

Had to take poor Fletcher to the vet again. The poor boy is getting old.

When I got home on saturday he was in such a hurry to greet me he banged his leg against something running to the door. He started limping almost immediately. By bedtime he was unable to put any weight on his leg at all.

He was still limping badly on sunday morning so made a vet appointment to make sure he hadn’t broken his leg… as soon as the vet appointment was made he started improving immediately. But off to the vet anyway to be safe.

He gets terribly carsick, had to pull off the motorway near LV Martin to try and clean up as much as I could of his last nights dinner he had just filled his carseat with; of course I banged my leg against the sharp edge of the car door during the cleanup and started limping myself. But we got to the vet in the end.

He still had a little limp then, noticable if you looked for it. Vet checked his leg and thought it would be ok. Provided some anti-inflamitaries for him to use… minimum dose possible due to the risk of using them because of his age… and of course he had almost lost his limp by the time we got home.

Didn’t give him the drugs, as he was coming right and I didn’t like the organ failure bit the vet was worried about when she prescribed the minimum dose possible. And… by monday morning his limp had totally gone anyway.

The vet was supprised he was in such good health given his age, apparently by 9yrs old papillons should be on their last legs; but he can still sprint about the place when he wants to.

He is getting old though. After sleeping on the bed at night for the last eight years he no longer does that, he has found his private little corner in the spare room where he wants to sleep at nights now (started doing that about a month ago), he will jump onto the bed to watch TV with me but wanders off to the spare room when he wants to sleep. And he no longer chases the cat, just barks at him without moving from from wherever he has settled down. He will still go sprinting off to bark at kids playing in the street occasionally, but isn’t really interested most of the time these days.

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